Custom Design

Do you remember back in your school days, doodling while dreaming of “THE ONE” you were meant to be with?
Are you ready to do it again, now that your doodling has improved with age?

Come share your dream with us and let’s sketch it together. Why not turn this idea into the one unique piece of jewelry that you’ve always wanted? We are a stress-free goldsmith studio. In fact, we think designing a new piece of jewelry is therapeutic and we encourage our clients to sit back, relax and let their imagination run wild while we start turning their dream into reality. This is the phase where we take your idea “from sketching (doodling ) to hand carve the piece in wax for you to actually try it on. This time-honored tradition of the lost wax technique is still the best way to create an artistic, organic, antique or abstract look. For more precise and symmetrical designs, you may want to see your image completed using today’s high tech 3D digital software and then printed with a 3D printer. The magic begins and we are all getting excited! We can almost feel the piece come alive. The molten gold melts the wax way in the investment flask and, at last, reveals your gold creation.

Now, it is complete!

Your new jewelry is as beautiful and special as any ever created in the world, created with that “Special Someone” in mind. Isn’t making this world a more beautiful place . . . WONDERFUL?


Wireframe strucure

Poly surface model

Wax model

Digital image